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Aveyond 4 Shadow Of The Mist



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Boyle Wolfbane wanted to rule the world. He failed. Miserably. Forced into retirement early, Boyle now spends his days arguing with haunted trees and scaring off the occasional knight. At least he still has Fang, his loyal storm wolf. Things could be worse. He could have been born a hero.

Aveyond 4: Shadow Of The Mist uses a sophisticated battle system and menu. It provides many outlets for your villainess deeds. There are many things to squash, burn and collect. You will laugh (unless you happen to be a zombie, in which case, we can not help you).

  • Recruit minions to aid you in your quest

  • Collect magical cheekis along your journey

  • Offer your skills to become part of a night watch

  • Join a coven and expand your horizons

  • Transform friends into creatures

  • Discover the locations and purpose of mist portals

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: 377 MB available space